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Yoox Group

Yoox group is a Italy based global internet retailing that have the offices in the US, Japan and many cities in Europe. Thanks to a direct relationship with designers, manufacturers and authorized dealers, Yoox is a virtual boutique of multi-brand fashion and design and is positioned among world’s leader. includes women’s, men’s, kids, vintage, home design and Yooxygen that is for environment conscious consumers. Design is my favorite section in which a variety of unique home decor designs are introduced. The corner is another site which belongs to Yoox group. High-end European design brands will be shipped directly yo your house by visiting and purchasing on the The career is also available on the site of you are willing to move to New Jersey where is the location f the US office.

design section on

design section on

The upscale French shop DEPARTMENT FEMININ

Just found a super expensive French retailer DEPARTMENT FEMININ from It carries the brands such as Lanvin, Chloe, Balenciaga, Azzedine Alaia, Marni, Marc Jacobs, Ann Demeulmeester, Dries Van Noten, Rosa Maria, Rick Owens to name a few.

Grab some totes for Summertime

Eco-friendly shopping site Nimli offers some great options of totes for Summertime. They all made out of organic fabrics, and the design is simple and eye-catching.

Ella Vickers Original Zip bag

ella vickers green grocery

Ella Vickers green grocery

girls can tell bicycles rule tote bag

girls can tell bicycles rule tote bag

Urban Outfitters fashion knockoffs

Silence and noise carried by Urban Outfitters

Silence and noise jumper in Urban Outfitters

Such a obvious fashion knockoff from Urban Outfitters!  Urban Outfitters copy the black jumper styled with an attached belt but changes the pattern of the belt and simplifies the design on the shoulders. And also it turned the straight line cropped pants to be slouchy pants. The prices differentiation is huge between these similar looking jumper. Would you rather to spend $490 or spend $39.99 to achieve the similar look?

Alexander McQueen in Neiman Marcus

Alexander McQueen in Neiman Marcus

Shoes, I want some shoes!

I have to admit that I love shoes! Shoes are the most important fashion items, since you live on them for more than 10 hours a day. First of all, shoes have to be comfortable and then durability, the looks are in the third place. Every woman loves the brands like Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin and I know that they are fabulous, but you can’t walk with them. Moreover, usage of these shoes is too low, unless you have fancy parties every day, thereby if you were a socialite like Paris Hilton,  I suggest it is better not to buy any of these fancy shoes.  They eventually will just be some decoration.

ABLE Suede Heeled Trainer in Topshop

ABLE Suede Heeled Trainer in Topshop

This shoes in the picture are kind of shoes we should choose, cheap, sturdy and also stylish. Wearing this shoes, you do not need to worry about walking on the grass or the rain. I strongly recommend this ABLE Suede Trainer in Topshop to you.

Anthopologie, GirlyDreamy paradise

travel theme

travel theme

Anthropologie  is located at 880 market St, and it is the girly grown-up version of Urban Outfitters. The store is huge, the ceiling opens up and the back of the store is miles away. Anthropologie is not just another retail store,  it is a girly, dreamy paradise. Every time I walked into the store, I feel like venturing into an exotic land.  The decoration is magnificent, and I feel so pleased to just stroll around since  it smells so good. You can find the most flirty vintage-inspired skirts and one of a kind dresses you couldn’t find anywhere else. Home section is as large as the apparel. The store visual team did such a good job to create this dreamy bohemian set up that makes me feel like I could live there. The price is expensive for the quality but people are obsessed with Anthropologie. I am very fascinated to how influential the environment of the store is on people. No wonder visual team is the key element to drive the sales of Anthropologie. A lot of decoration is made of recycled products and is completely hand-made.

Norwegian fashion designer Anette Nyseth

Interview with the fashion designer Anette Nyseth

Location: Harputs Union store at 140 Geary St, San Francisco

Time: 12pm  Friday, 9th Oct 2009

Anette Nyseth

Anette Nyseth

I was very curious about this twenty something girl with blond hair who held a cocktail when I walked into Harputs Union store that just moved to  the new Union Square location for two days.

I decided to interview with her immediately when I got to know that she is a fashion design student from the Academy of Art and also works as a in-house designer for Harputs Union which is edgy, cool and industrial local Indie label.

V stands for Vivian

A stands for Anette

V: Where are you from?

A: I am from Norway and have lived in San Francisco for three years.

V: [Laugh] Your English is so good!

A: Thank you. I learned.

V: How did you decide to study at the AAU?

A: Well, I searched online and found out about this school and then decided to move here.

V: How do you think about the fashion scene  of San Francisco?

A: People in San Francisco are nice and the city is not as big and overwhelming as New York. It’s been great, but fashion here is not as good as it should be. The style of San Francisco is kind of bohemian, which is opposite to my style that is simplicity, minimalism.

V: How did you hear about Harputs Union, and how long have you been with them?

A: I just started two months ago, and I work both as a in-house designer and a sales associate.

I got to know Harputs Union after hearing about it from a friend of a friend. Last Summer, I interned at Alexander Wang’s company in New York. From there on, I got the chance to make a lot of new friends in the fashion industry, and that was a great experience. The brand is San Francisco based, and the design studio is located just below our store. We wanted to maintain a small boutique environment that kept a very local and independent look.

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