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Yoox Group

Yoox group is a Italy based global internet retailing that have the offices in the US, Japan and many cities in Europe. Thanks to a direct relationship with designers, manufacturers and authorized dealers, Yoox is a virtual boutique of multi-brand fashion and design and is positioned among world’s leader. includes women’s, men’s, kids, vintage, home design and Yooxygen that is for environment conscious consumers. Design is my favorite section in which a variety of unique home decor designs are introduced. The corner is another site which belongs to Yoox group. High-end European design brands will be shipped directly yo your house by visiting and purchasing on the The career is also available on the site of you are willing to move to New Jersey where is the location f the US office.

design section on

design section on

PixieMarket-an affortable uniqueness

If you are into having pieces that no one else has, Pixiemarket gives you a lot to choose from. The cute and unique designs are stocked on Stanton Street in New York City. They stock a range of cool and hard-to-find labels including Something else by Natalie Wood, Orphan Age, Finders keep and so on. Even better, its selection of one of a kind dresses, shoes, accessories are so affordable that I have to restrain myself from overloading.

The upscale French shop DEPARTMENT FEMININ

Just found a super expensive French retailer DEPARTMENT FEMININ from It carries the brands such as Lanvin, Chloe, Balenciaga, Azzedine Alaia, Marni, Marc Jacobs, Ann Demeulmeester, Dries Van Noten, Rosa Maria, Rick Owens to name a few.

Grab some totes for Summertime

Eco-friendly shopping site Nimli offers some great options of totes for Summertime. They all made out of organic fabrics, and the design is simple and eye-catching.

Ella Vickers Original Zip bag

ella vickers green grocery

Ella Vickers green grocery

girls can tell bicycles rule tote bag

girls can tell bicycles rule tote bag

Best dressed celebrity- Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth showed us how to dress cool with trying too hard.  Fashion after all is to serve people but not torture them.  Kate gave us good examples of wearing conformably with losing style.

A black dress paired with a black leather jacket, with black tights and black flats. The from head to toe black is super chic! ( pic at the left) Ripped jeans and sweatshirt and standing out scarf is the perfect daily outfit.

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth

Girls, you don’t have to be rich to reach Kate’s look!

Kate Bosworth Red Carpet look, Bohemian chic!

Kate Bosworth Red Carpet look, Bohemian chic!

Kate’s unconventional Red Carpet look! Love it, so adorable!

Mi-A made to measure concept

 Mi-A made to measure concept

Mi made its first splash in downtown San Francisco in December 2008 by creative director Dean Hutchinson. This hidden gem is located in a neighborhood between Nob Hill and Tender knob, right next door to a skateboard store. There is no sign or advertising outside and inside the store. Dean didn’t want it. 

Mi store in SF

Mi store in SF


Mi possesses a total of 40 looks with no concept of a “collection.” Pushing revolutionary boundaries, Dean Hutchinson said he wanted to break the rules at this point. The Mi collection transcends even the passing of seasons. In other words, the styles of Mi are timeless.

Designer profile: 

The creative director Dean Hutchinson is from Canada and attained his bachelor of art degree in University of Saskatchewan, majoring in printmaking and minor in Sociology. Dean experienced great success in 1988 when his clothes were sold very well in a store in San Francisco, inspiring him to eventually open his own store in 1992. His second Mi store in Toronto will open next week. 

Noticeably, the price point is a bit high. I asked why Dean if he had any plans to start a secondary line to reach more customers; he said no and that Mi is an extremely niche market. The clothes are customized by appointment only and Dean himself measures every client. Dean does not plan to hire any assistant designers. If you buy Mi, you should expect Dean to cater to you himself.  

I asked him if he would be willing to explore the possibility of selling Mi through other channels such as high end department stores. He said that it has all been done by others before, and he’d like to do this his own way. Dean sincerely believes in connecting with people directly and to some extent stands in opposition to technological communication which prevents a more human relationship. Dean plans to open 5-10 stores in the future, serve his own portfolio of clients and build his own community. Don’t expect Dean to promote his clothing labels at parties since he personally prefers a quiet and private lifestyle. To meet Dean, you would have to visit one of his stores yourself.

I also asked about what creative collaboration, art space and atelier are about?

Dean said “It depends on the interpretation of the viewers. Like a few days ago, it was turned to a photo shoot studio”.


Question: Noticeably, the price point is a bit high, why don’t you start a secondary line to reach more customers? 

Answer: I hadn’t any plans to start a secondary line. Mi is an extremely niche market. The clothes are customized by appointment only and I measure every client. Continue reading

Urban Outfitters fashion knockoffs

Silence and noise carried by Urban Outfitters

Silence and noise jumper in Urban Outfitters

Such a obvious fashion knockoff from Urban Outfitters!  Urban Outfitters copy the black jumper styled with an attached belt but changes the pattern of the belt and simplifies the design on the shoulders. And also it turned the straight line cropped pants to be slouchy pants. The prices differentiation is huge between these similar looking jumper. Would you rather to spend $490 or spend $39.99 to achieve the similar look?

Alexander McQueen in Neiman Marcus

Alexander McQueen in Neiman Marcus