Richard Avedon’s exhibition in SFMOMA

I planned to go to Richard Avedon’s photography exhibition a long time ago, and today I finally got time to personally and closely observe these masterpieces. 

Richard Avedon's show in SOMA

Richard Avedon's exhibition in SOMA


In the space between black and white, Richard Avedon showed us the power of portrait. The portrait photos took the large proportion of the exhibition. These portraits he had featured were included the world class icons like Marilyn Monroe, Beatles, Andy Warhol’s factory and the political figures such as Barack Obama as well as many other interesting regular people. Richard captured the souls of the people and showed us the less-known aspects of the characters. For example, from the picture of Marilyn, I could feel the depression and sadness of her from her dropped eyes expression and slightly opened lips. 

Richard Avedon and Marilyn Monroe

Richard Avedon and Marilyn Monroe


I came up with the idea to imitate the poses of some figures to experience their emotions, meanwhile entertain myself. It was kind of fun and creative!


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