Jessica Simpson “the worst-dressed celebrity ever”

I don’t care most American think Jessica Simpson is gorgeous, personally I think she is an ugly-looking girl. She looks like no woman to me. Her big nose and strong back makes her look like a man. This girl got a big bone construction. She is a little fat girl, and nothing to do with “hot”. I don’t know why Americans think she is an all- American hot blonde. Jessica clearly is not even close  to hot.  She sang a few “ok” songs. I don’t know what for she’s been famous, probably her shoe lines. she basically makes a living by selling shoes. Her look is just so annoying, not to mention her bad fashion taste. She has no sense of style and often dresses older than her real age. We are in the same age group, but she looks like my aunt.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

This picture shows she has a serious weight issue. She is fat! If I were her, I wouldn’t wear this wrinkled pants that look like my grandma just threw them away. If I had her millions dollars, I would be able to pick up much nicer clothes than these.

Grandma dress number 2,  who would pick up this dress with all the money in the world, the only explanation is terrible taste. Someone like her, given tons of money in her hands, still doesn’t know how to make herself look great? It is such a shame. Moreover, Let’s talk about the fake blonde hair color, does it really make women look hotter with fake hair color?

Louis Vuitton couldn’t elevate her taste level, because bad clothing choice ruined the whole look.


21 responses to “Jessica Simpson “the worst-dressed celebrity ever”

  1. now I agree
    and I also don’t get that even when you are a millionair, you still are bad dressed
    I really don’t get that.
    and sorry for my bad english

    • Girl, your English is good~ Yea I agree that money can’t buy great taste. Someone looks great without spending too much money. It is all about taste level.

  2. I think you’re just a hater. Sure, she might not be the prettiest girl, but still, you have no right to criticize her so harshly. And calling her fat? Who gives you the right???? I’m not a fan of her personally, but I think you need to lay off. You might not like her taste, the way she looks, and a lot of other stuff, but it’s really none of your business how she’s living her life. How would you feel if you were in the spotlight of the public’s eye and everyone was always criticizing you?
    That’s my personal opinion.

  3. Congratulations, you’re a horrible person. Does it matter what she looks like? Do you know her? Obviously not, because I’d guarantee that you’d never say that to her face.

    People like you make me want to join the church of euthanasia.

  4. Forgive me for saying so but you sound just like many women did when I lived in Korea and China…if you’re not a size 2 or less then you are fat. I can’t tell you how many times my girlfriend, who is definitely an athletic type and in perfect shape fitting an American 4, would hear this from women there or so many primarily Asian women I know. Typically I find 2 things often true of ladies as you come across: You mistake being “tiny” for fashionable and with being sexy and you appear to be trying so hard to be “original” while not really breaking new ground at all. Good luck though and lose the attitude.

  5. I can’t believe you’ve taken the time to write such nasty things about a person you don’t know on the internet. Is it really worth your time to be ridiculously cruel, insensitive and shallow?

  6. vixen_with_a_cause

    Wow. Little fat girl, huh?
    Isn’t it great how horribly you sing and how poor and un-famous you are compared to her?

    She could throw a cup of her piss in your face, and if you did something about it, she could sue you while she sat and laughed.
    Sucks that God gave such talent and privelages to a fat, dumb, blonde, doesn’t it? 🙂

  7. Spoken like a true WOMAN. Absolutly NO CLUE as to what a HOT GIRL LOOKS LIKE!

    I’m a guy so let me assure you. JS is HOT. Actually, even hotter once she added a few pounds.


  8. U r such a jealous hater!! I thought u were interested in fashion not slagging off people who can’t defend themselves!! Wow how sad!!

  9. It shows who you are as a person, choose to be…unbelievably unawarre. Just following like a sheep the rest of the judging unawarre people. Indead self-issues make a person judging and screaming about others. I guess you just haven’t come to that insight yet. And thats fine..but leave others out of your poverty.

  10. PS: I guess you know now how it feels… what you’ve been doing to someone else.
    You get what you deserve.

  11. ItsaShame (among others) beat me to it but who ever wrote this has some serious issues!!!!

  12. cheri nicotri

    Jessica has a serious weight issue? She looks like a man and she has terrible fashion sense? Well I hate to see what you look like. Who are you? God? You shouldn’t say things like that about people. I’m sure people could say bad things about you, just as they can with every person in the world. No bodies perfect but in my opinion Jessica is pretty close.

  13. If that’s you in the header graphic I think I see what the problem is. You are an obviously unattractive woman who thinks that belittling others and asserting your fashion bona fides somehow elevates you. I am no fan of JS, but a sad commentary like the one you’ve written above deserves a response.

    You will probably have great success in the pathetically self-absorbed world of fashion design and merchandising. That career sounds just about right for a mediocre little ugly girl like you.

  14. WTF!? you’re calling Jessica Simpson fat, and ugly. What the hell is wrong with you. That is just not even right to say, and she is the farthest thing from fat and ugly. Do you know how much weight she had to loose to even be on the “Dukes of Hazzard” film. She is a hard working woman, just trying to get a good reputation like all the other beautiful celebrities being cut down by bitches like you. And who cares about her taste in clothes, first of all that pictures with those 60’s bellybutton jeans was supposed to be funny for her fans to laugh at, and second of all people don’t always have to dress great for going out. It’s not like she was trying to get attention by all of that, but when somebody sees Jessica Simpson walking down the streets of Dallas, they just have to get a picture of it. And none of these things said really bothers her anyway, but she deserves to be stood up for. You don’t have to like her, but you don’t have to put hurtful things like this on the internet, what the hell did she ever do to you?

  15. Hi guys,

    I am Vivian Yuan and I hate all my fashion friends are superficial trashcan slime. I hate everyone more successful than me. I hate everyone less successful than me. I hate you. I hate me. I think you all suck like dead pig.

  16. enough said..

  17. Jessica Simpson is a sweet girl who devotes a lot of time to charity. You’re a mean-spirited, vicious person who will never find love. Human being, FAIL!

  18. Cass,

    You are all that’s wrong with the USA!

    > you have no right to criticize her
    > Who gives you the right???

    Are you crazy Cass or just ignorant. Remember ignorance is ok, we’re all ignorant of many things, but when you need to be a better critical thinker, when you need to educate yourself and then you don’t but you continue to run your uneducated mouth, then you move from ignorance into stupidity.

    I, you, we, everyone, has every damn right to criticize any other person, place or thing in existence. You may not agree, but you are free to disagree, whether from ignorance, apathy OR stupidity.

    But as free and liberated human beings, we have every right to think, say, and criticize how and what we want.

    > none of your business how she’s living…

    Again, you scare me, please avoid the voting booth because you don’t possess enough grey matter for that awesome responsibility.

    To the degree anyone “senses” anything, we are involved and to whatever degree my senses intrigue or prompt me, it’s my business. So if I SEE you, it’s my business to think, criticize, pass judgment, speak about, make faces at, care or not care, period. If I hear you, again, it’s my business. We’re free people.

    You on the other hand are scary. You are a tyrant. You would label people, hater, just because you don’t possess enough grey matter and critical thinking ability to properly assess the matter. You DO NOT want to see or experience real hate my child. Yet, ignorance (or stupidity, which is it?) allows you to run your mouth in this way. SCARY!

    > personal opinion

    Your “personal opinion” doesn’t remove you from the responsibility of using what you have at your disposal to properly assess and judge the situation. Look up opinion in the dictionary and beside the common, vulgar meaning is the core meaning rooted in the word “judgment.” Personal Opinion isn’t the stupid persons way of just being tyrannical about their innate, ignorant beliefs. It is supposed to be grounded in your judgment, your thoughtful and intelligent assessment of the issues. As I said, you are what is most wrong with this country. Take your voting right – democratic voting isn’t analogous of 2nd graders raising their hands in the classroom to “vote” on chocolate or vanilla cupcakes for the Valentines party. Yet, the ignorant who teach our children each day, frequently equate this silly act to the very same democratic liberties that sees us all rightfully participating in government. You don’t properly or responsibly vote just by pulling the lever or pushing the button for whatever silly thing you “want,” you’re supposed to be sagacious, judgmental and intelligent. To view our democratic responsibilities otherwise is to be not only ignorant of this country’s rich history and founding, but to be the equivalent of a 2nd grader with the power of a voting adult. Again, scary, we’d have nothing but cupcakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    I don’t know if you can follow all this or if it will help redirect your energies toward becoming a relevant and more responsible person. But I just wandered by randomly while searching the web and your scary perspective warranted a response, not only for you, but for all who wander by as well.

    But try to consider what I’ve said, ignorance is not an epithet nor curse, it can be cured, but you must see it first and have the motivation to move forward.

  19. You are a really horrible person. Jessica is a beautiful girl. I love her clothes. Dont judge people. You dont know her. You really must have some self- esteem issues. Get Help

  20. How dare you judge another human being’s beauty! You must be an inredibly shallow person to make such mean comments about a beautiful woman. Jessica Simpson has a gorgeous figure and what makes her even more beautiful is the person that she is. This world gets hung up on being very thin and that is not healthy or attractive. Also, why does it matter what she wears? If she feels comfortable. then she should be able to wear it! You obviously have some issues and need to examine what beauty means because you my dear have NO beauty.

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