Deep analysis of “New Moon”

I went to see New Moon last Saturday, because it seemed like a hot movie. It was reported that it made most money in a single day by any film. People in the theater were screaming when Jacob stripped his shirt off to mop bella’s bleeding head. They were moaning with despair when Bella and Edward either kissed or were going to kiss. A lot of people primarily women in all different age group were addicted to this love story and these emotions were changed as the fates of main characters changed. I kept thinking why many people love New Movie?

Teen love is the central of the movie. The seemingly impossible love story happened between a human being –a high school girl Bella and a vampire Edward. Vampires, as we all know, are supported to be cold-blooded bloodsuckers and have no emotion, however Edward has to control his vampire nature and tries not to hurt his love. Every time when he wants to kiss the girl he loves, he got confused and hesitated.  The whole movie is full of controversies.

In the movie, everybody undergoes a dilemma. Bella struggles to make a choice between Edward and Jacob, Edward is her true love but it would be dangerous to be with him. Jacob is her best friend, and she loves him as a friend, but Jacob can truly protect her as a werewolf who kills bad vampires. Edward has dilemma whether to stay with Bella or leave her. Jacob one time has hard time to decide whether to tell Bella that he is a werewolf or not to see her anymore.

Love is the ultimate dilemma. In our society, huge dilemmas place out everywhere, as big as in politics, as small as daily life decisions. For example, we are in the economic recession and have to spend money wisely, so a lot of people make hard choices whether to spend money on latest fashion or groceries. The movie is perfect fantasy escape for us, instead of worry about real life, we can live in supernatural world for a while and escape from the stressed real life.

I personally thought, after watching the movie, I didn’t sense the same feelings as most of the twilight fans, I felt disappointed a little bit about the movie. I expected more from the movie. Some people say that it is a romance movie rather than supernatural one and the supernatural elements heightened the love story. But I didn’t see that as well. I only remembered the wolf boys’ shirtless scenes and semi-interesting action scenes.

After analyzing deeply of the film, I can understand more why many people appeal about it.


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