Lady Gaga and her gigantic shoes

What do I think about Lady Gaga? People say that Lady Gaga will be the next Modanna, next Britney Spears. Well, I doubt it. I admit that she’s got voice and is talented in music, but that are not enough to reach the level of Madonna and Britney. Lady Gaga will never be in the same league as them because they are natural beauties even without make-up, and Lady Gaga relies on layers and layers of make-up and masks. Madonna and Britney really can dance and dance sexily, whereas Lady Gaga can’t. However, Gaga has her own advantages. She is a talented musician and an amazing performer. She is a fashion risk-taker who dares to break the rules and be out there.

Lady Gaga does have unique fashion style and we can’t keep our eyes off her. She is a walking advertisement for many high couture brands such as Martin Margalie, Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent. Her trademark look is basically a swim suit teamed with a pair of gigantic platform shoes. She knows how to change her proportion to make herself look taller.

The adorable Ballet platform shoes with clean heels from Junko Shimada.

Love these shoes of YSL! If I had $1000, I would buy a pair. I feel like these shoes would actually be wearable.

The new style that was just shown in Alexander McQueens S/S 2010 collection was worn by Gaga in her new MV “Bad Romance”.

lady gaga pink heels stella maccartney

Lady Gaga pink heels Stella Maccartney


2 responses to “Lady Gaga and her gigantic shoes

  1. Not only the shoes, she is also somewhat gigantic.

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