Push is sad, shocking story



Intermittent raining outside last Saturday, I curled up in a corner of the Border bookstore, sipping coffee, while reading the novel Push about a story of a child sexual abuse which is the basis of the movie Precious. The movie Precious will be released onthis Friday in San Francisco. I very look forward to the film and Iwant to read the original novel before the movie.

The tone of the story is based on the major character Precious Jones, therefore the story is very colloquial and easy to read.  I finished reading the novel at one go, after reading, my first impression was shocking, in addition to shock,  it is shocking.  Because such disgusting incident should not occur on the earth. A girl was sexually enlightened by her biological father at age of three.  She gave birth to his father’s first child at 12 years old, and second child at 16 years old.  In addition,  she was also undergone sexual harassment by her mother.  I think her mother is the one who is really sick-minded and results in the tragedy.  And because she herself is a dark, ugly and fat girl, thereby bullied by the classmates and marginalized by the teachers. Paradoxically, she sometimes enjoys having sex with his father but also hates it. she has got very contradicted about love, sex and the whole world. This is a heart broken story. I feel upset about her.

Recently the problem of sexual abuse seems to rise to a concern for the entire society.  This, one time rather embarrassing topic, gradually moves on the table. From the incident that the singer Rhianna was beaten by her boyfriend Chris Brown to that a little girl was imprisoned by her biological father for years,  sexual abuse and harassment really exist and the book and the movie should arouse our attention.


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