Makeup bag, bouquet by Flowie

Makeup bag, bouquet SALE

Makeup bag, bouquet SALE

After I visited, and  realized this pink flower makeup bag we have to review isn’t  the best design, I tend to give the designer Yaling Hou more credits. However, if let me review the makeup bag alone, I wouldn’t give it high score. The design and color choice is rather plain, all we can see is pink flowers here and there, really nothing special about it, but it is good enough to function as a container to restore your makeup from dust and dirty. This is exactly how it works as a makeup bag.


One response to “Makeup bag, bouquet by Flowie

  1. Good reviews. You got them up in a timely matter and they are, for the most part, well presented. A couple of things:

    1.) Make sure you proofread! Read through each post a couple of times to make sure it is clear and free of grammatical errors. Each one has to be presented as professionally as possible. Make sure the layout of the post is exactly how you want it.

    2.) Be more creative with your blog post titles. They have to be witty and draw the reader in.

    3.) Make sure all your links within your posts are written correctly.

    Other than that, you have a good point of view and you are grasping the concept of constructing a good blog. B+

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