Snuggie_ the revolutionary invention of the 21st century

I don’t know why some people hate snuggie. I like it a lot, and I think  it is the coolest idea ever to warm people up when you feel cold by sitting in a place for a long time, especially in the winter time. It is the best and most thoughtful birthday gift ever.  Snuggie is almost the same idea as the blanket but  made with a touch of humanity. Blanket has no sleeves, but snuggie does, and which are made them be called snuggie, I guess. However, what’s so special about a blanket with sleeves? Well, very special and the following is the reasons why.snuggie-1

Snuggie is so fun, and you can throw a halloween party by group wearing them, since the snuggies come with a variety of colors, orange, blue, green, brown and so on and so forth.  Teaming up with your favorite wig, you are pretty much ready for the  Halloween party. The picture above is an evidence.  I am afraid that you never thought you could do so much with the snuggies. Guys,  Let’s throw a snuggie party tonight!

snuggieSnuggie is so important that they are the new uniforms for NBC TV hosts.  They have  to wear them together to host any shows and performances, because it is the best way to keep them warm and also they are the new fashion trends for  this season. Girls, have  you got you snuggie yet? If not, go get it now. It is available at Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Target. 

I am sure the baby is the happiest baby in the world and her mother seems so proud, because they are using this multi-functional snuggie. The new snuggie produced exclusively for new mum and baby is just coming to the market. Basically it is the advanced snuggie with a hole at the front. It is so smart to keep both mum and baby warm.



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