Perfume review


HARAJUKU LOVERS "Snow bunnies"

HARAJUKU LOVERS "Snow bunnies"

HARAJUKU LOVER perfume is the cutest perfume ever made in terms of its package design.  The covers of the perfumes are  a series of plastic dolls and each doll has its name, along with different hair color and clothing design.   “Snow bunnies” I assume is a holiday scene perfume since the doll wears Christmas clothes. It looks very cute, however doesn’t smell as cute as it looks. It smells like a cheap candle but  not a real perfume. And it comes with only 10ml for a bottle, so basically HARAJUKU LOVER is only for fun and toy collection.


Calvin Klein Man

Calvin Klein Man

The smell is very light and doesn’t have enough personality in it. But I think this is what is supposed to smell like. Even if I closed my eyes,  I still can tell this is a men’s cologne because it smells masculine.  I personally like the simplicity and minimalism style Calvin Klein has and I love the clean line of the bottle design, which is sharp, manly. The color combination is great, black is never out of date and perfect for guys. This is a nice choose for guys.





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