I LOVE Halloween….FUN, FUN, FUN!

House party on Friday night

House party on Friday night

I can’t miss any opportunity to party, and Halloween is always the best excuse to party hard. We work hard, and party harder.  I went to a friend’s house party last Friday night, and came there without any costume on. I didn’t prepare at all. My guy friend borrowed me an Mexican man shirt that was teamed with a hat, and I finished up the whole look by adding a mustache. Perfect! I would be the Mexican guy. There were two looks I liked the best at the party, the number 1 look was “the cheapest look ” yet achieved the most outstanding effect. The girl was totally naked but only covered herself by white tapes, which was quite bold to me.  Look 2 is a flower fruit girl, who was so lovely.

A crazy night on Halloween night ! So much fun! We went to the right place- Castro where all the magics happened. I always want to be an Native American girl and I became a one that night. We met Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and my Native American brother and lots more…..


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