Alexa Chung, Queen of Cool

Alexa chung

Alexa chung

British girls always seem to have great style. Take Alexa Chung,  TV host, model, DJ,  is listed in my new favorite  British “It girl” parallel to Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn. She not only gets the model look, effortless cool style, but also has a bubbly personality which made get her own  MTV show. Alexa makes fashion look chic yet easy and comfortable and never seems to try too hard.  She mixes and matches low fashion like Topshop, H&M with high fashion like Chanel, Proenza, with a touch of vintage. She has a knack of knowing how to dress unique but not over the top.  I  noticed when I collected Chung’s photos that she  still has all the essential classics such as trench coat, timeless patterns and shapes  like polka dots, stars  and strips. She  really makes fashion easy and approachable.  As she said, “I like serious fashion for girls who don’t take fashion too seriously.”

Alexa Chung loveyourstyle

Alexa Chung love your style


6 responses to “Alexa Chung, Queen of Cool

  1. I absolutely love Alexa Chung! She has the cutest style and clothes. I am only 12 years old and at my school, fashion is a big thing. I’m not all that into it but Alexa Chung has the best style for school clothes!( in a good way).

  2. wow, alexa doesn’t look asian AT ALL!!

  3. Alexa Chung’s fashion is an inspiration to me and has influenced my wardrobe dramatically. I love everything she wears as it works together and, like the article, she looks so effortlessly chic.


  4. I think the reason Alexa Chung always looks so great is the non-chalont (im aware that’s probabaly spelt incorrectly) attitude she exudes. I love it when she has her hair kind of undone. If she was over done up and had this “i know i’m all that” thing going on she wouldnt seem as awesome.

  5. When i first saw alexa i thought wow this girl is pretty she could be a potential megan fox, but what i love about her is that she is not one of them girls who are like look at me im so HOT! she just acts herself and rocks her own style which is simple, classic and original; and there are not many like that these days.

  6. yeah..her style looks like actually korean.

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