Style Pioneer

style pioneer collage

Style Pioneer collage

Style Pioneer  is a fashion stylist competition show. The show collaborates with a variety of showrooms and PR companies in New York City who represent a large range of designer brands. It is a night time show on Bravo from 8:00pm -9:30pm on every Friday and the show is replayed at  the same time on every Wednesdays and saturdays. It is a revolutionary show that reflects the behind-the-scene of the fashion industry and concentrates on the fashion creators- clothes stylists.

Each episode, there are three competitors, along with nine models to choose from. The show cast in a huge showroom in which there are 100 options of clothes and accessories that are provided for the stylist, as well as a variety of magazines, and books and references, and stylists can also access to the Internet to search for more materials.  Each episode has a theme, such as the first one to do 80’s style. The stylists collect ideas in half hour, on the basis of these knowledge, they have to complete three looks in half hour that match the theme of the episode, using the clothes and accessories. Each stylist chooses the best look that be participated in the final selection. Three judges and host gives out the critics and  make the final decision who the winner is. One stylist will be eliminated by the end of each episode. This is also the models competition. The host is Vivian Yuan (me).  The outfit of the hosts should match the theme of the episode. The permanent judges are Marc Jacob, Martin Magiela and Diana Von Furstenberg. There are also secret guest judge in each episode, who could be edgy fashionable celebrities, fashion icons, actresses and so on.

The sponsorship of the show included the fashion companies and fashion and style related products.


One response to “Style Pioneer

  1. I like both your talk show posts. Your concept for your talk show is fun and your experience at View from the Bay was informative and entertaining. The only suggestion I have is to work on some of your writing and proofread before publishing. Other than that, good job. B+

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