The review of View from the Bay

View from the Bay live

View from the Bay live

It was a great experience to watch live show in the studio. I felt surprised about how many lights it needed in such a small studio while entering to it, moreover the audience seats are not as many as I expected. There are only five short rows of auditorium. the Staffs who work there are really good at leading audiences emotion. Before the show officially started, a staff  taught us how to clap, how to look into the camera, and taught us to smile to the camera during the show.

Next, the host Janelle and Spencer appeared.  This was the first time I saw them in person, previously only saw them on television, strange to say, I felt that they looked bigger in real persons than on TV. First of all, they exchanged greetings with us for a while and briefly explained the content of today’s show. I adore Janelle who is very cute, in particular, sweet smile. She gets the TV host look, comfortable and approachable, but when she opened her month, sharp speech style came out.

The first part of the show was “shopping for men”, in which introduced the three different men’s styles and how to mix and matched with them. The three styles were casual look, business casual look and formal look. three male models were invited to showcase the looks. They played safe on the style, and the color is too dark, but models were all very attractive.  The second part of the show was “the food section” in which a variety of cocktails and exotic food was introduced to the audiences. There was a wine called Mai Tai that is referred to as the official drink for Oakland left me special impression. Following to the food section, it was home section in which the two hosts presented some new exciting home solution, including home therapy and moonlight and so on.

Me and the hosts Janelle Wang and Spencer Christian

Me and the hosts Janelle Wang and Spencer Christian

The show reached its peak when the young actress Alicia Sliver appeared. The audiences immediately set off rounds of applause. There are a lot of her fans in the auditorium. I think she is photogenic and looks average in person. But I admit that she looks younger than her actual age 33, and looks in her twenties, but she talks, her lips moved too much and formed strange shapes,  but in the eyes of her fans might be cute bar. The purpose of her appearance is to sell her new book called the kind diet, and this book records her 11 years of catering experience, how can people eat healthy with not missing the delicious food? This is what we all want to know, this illustrated book will give you the answer. By the end of the program, she personally demonstrated to the audience a number of delicious dishes, and how to make them.

Overall the show was well done but is it worthy to wait out for over an hour for half hour show, I think one time experience is good enough. I’d rather to turn on the TV and sit at home.


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