Desperately Seeking Susan is Deliciously ’80s

Desperately seeking Susan is a classic 80s movie and my all-time favorite Madonna movie. Madonna gave her best performance when she played herself- a bohemian and care-free New York City downtown girl. The story is based upon a bored housewife Roberta who lives in New Jersey with her husband and daydreams about an adventurous lifestyle. She is obsessed with Susan and Jimmy’s love story from the newspaper ads and follows Susan but unfortunately becomes entangled with Susan’s life and causes herself a lot of troubles.

photos in courtesy of

photos in courtesy of

My favorite scene is the bathroom changing scene when she came back to NYC from Atlantic City , which is so charming and sexy. Susan changed her outfit from men’s jacket to see through lacy top and looked herself in the mirror posing.

The story is dramatic, especially the part that Roberta got hit and lost her memory and was mistaken as Susan, which rarely happens in real life, but is allowed to happen in a film.

Marc by Marc Jacob 2009 collection, reinterpretation of the 80s fashion

Marc by Marc Jacob 2009 collection, reinterpretation of the 80s fashion

The film is a great fashion movie and reminds me of the elements of the 80s fashion, including the lacy cropped top worn by Susan, headbands worn by both Susan and Roberta, leggings that have had a big comeback in the past three years, studded boots and jackets that have been the trendy elements in this year, big hair-do and red lips to name a few.

This movie is definitely for all 80s lovers and Madonna’s fans alike and worthy to watch again.


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