Wonderland /= Tenderloin

Wonderland art exhibition in the Tenderloin

Wonderland art exhibition in the Tenderloin

Wonderland is a large-scale outdoor exhibition in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco, and runs from Oct 17th to Nov 15th. Seventy eight local and international artists participated in the project and collaborated with the residents. The exhibition features all aspects of the Tenderloin, including its rich history and negative issues such as underground sex trade, drug trade, homelessness, illegal immigration to name a few. Tenderloin is the most intensely populated district and there are 4000 children who live here.

The initiative of the exhibition is to bring hope and change to this seediest, and most dangerous neighborhood of San Francisco, however, I think that it is not going to be easy.

The artists alone can’t help decrease the drug trade and crime rates in the Tenderloin. Art can’t evoke the influence of the crazy people and criminals. As we all know, some residents of the Tenderloin basically consist of the  homeless, drug dealers, prostitutes, seedy-looking transsexuals and people with mentally illness. The crowd is extremely dangerous and scary. One day I saw a woman vomiting and peeing on a trash can, and in another day a seedy looking guy screamed in my ears. Most of our normal people get very scared while walking through this area. I know the power of art is tremendous but in the case of the Tenderloin, reinforcement of safety and security is much more important.


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