Ann Demeulemeester creating Gothic Goddnesses

Ann Demeulemeester smoking

Ann Demeulemeester smoking, the photo courtesy of Adrian Wilson


Ann Demeulemeester is one of my favorite fashion designers. She was born in Belgium in 1959, and graduated from the infamous Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1981. She founded the namesake label Ann Demeulemeester in 1987. She is a key member of the noted Antwerp Six, a group of designers graduated from the Belgian city’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts.  This Belgium based designer made her debut at Paris fashion week in 1992. The collection consists of women’s wear, men’s wear, accessories and jewelry.

Ann Demeulemeester Men FW2009

Ann Demeulemeester Men FW2009

Ann Demeulemeester ss2010

Ann Demeulemeester ss2010, photos courtesy of

The style of her collection is industrial, cold and Euro Gothic. the runway model’s faces, most of the time. compliments the designer’s style with thick, pale makeup, without facial expression. Gender difference doesn’t exist and is totally blurred. Earth color tone has filled the collection and sometimes along with a splash of bright color in some years. the collection’s color palette is solid most of the time but occasionally blended with strips and pleats.

Patti Smith

Patti Smith

Patti Smith

Ann goes on nodding to Patti Smith

She was inspired by the unisex look of rock singer Patti Smith and transfered her look onto the runway. Patti Smith‘s look included  hat, men’s blazer, strip shirt, wore clothes, slouchy pants. She is also taken inspiration from artists like Jackson Pollock and Jim Dine, poets like John Keats and Lord Byron.

The retail store display matches to the design concept and creates the dark and gothic vibe.


Tokyo store

Tokyo store



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