Blake Lively is Ugly?

Don’t say I am jealous because I say your lovely Gossip Girl Blake Lively is ugly and fake. It is annoying always to hear people talking about  how drop dead gorgeous and wonderful she is. No. She is not. She is not even close to average. Here is a blow-your-mind picture of her as  proof.

ugly face of Blake

ugly face of Blake

I don’t know what happened in this picture. Was she seeing a ghost or what, probably she was looking at herself in the mirror.  Her white  eye balls and teeth  freaked me out, which reminded me of Thriller. It is such a Thriller moment.

Thriller moment

Thriller moment

She is not only just ugly but fake. She has fake nose and boobs, that means she was uglier before.

Fake breasts

Fake breasts

She got a nose lift as well

She has got a nose lift as well

Blake Lively was just a goofy teenage once with terrible fashion sense. The picture below features her wearing an outfit of ripped denim Capri pants, a turquoise tank, and a sparkly pink baby shirt paired with pink stilettos.

Blake Lively spotted with cliche and tacky fashion style

Blake Lively one being spotted with cliche and tacky fashion style

Big Fashion Don’t ! Ugly, chunky men’s hoodies paired with cheap wedges. Fashion police should come across to arrest this fashion criminal.

Fashion criminal

Fashion criminal


37 responses to “Blake Lively is Ugly?

  1. Your post on Blake Lively definitely has a point of view but was a little muddled. Your phrasing and sentence structure didn’t comprehend and your voice seemed a little harsh – it didn’t sound like you. But you did have a point of view – it just needs to be written better. B-

  2. But you are jealous. Just sad.
    It has pictures of every human being are not advantageous. Blake Lively is beautiful and you’re just jealous! ^ ^

  3. Hmm yeah…I think we all knew her own fashion sense is’nt great,seeing paparazzi photos u can always tell when she’s dressed herself.
    However she still does have something quite special which isnt something you could say for most celebs.

    • I think she is a “ok”girl without too much fashion sense. Her fashion taste is better Jessica Simpson at least.

  4. It’s funny how you sit there and talk about Blake Lively and her “ugly” faces, but seriously, everyone has the ugly face and I’m pretty sure you do not look good yourself. So while your sitting on the internet talking about a celebrity, you need to shut the hell up and get with the program. She’s pretty the way she looks now and fashion does not even matter. Half the girls in this dam world is not pretty themselves and MOST of them have implants and etc. And I’m dam sure that when you were younger, you had NO SENSE of fashion. Darn sure that you weren’t good looking. Therefore your blog about Blake Lively just tells EVERYONE your JEALOUS. Get that fact through your head already.

    • Hey clam down, it is just a post with a bit humor.

      • Humor? She sounds brain dead! Blake Lively is a stunning girl, and in that picture she is ALOT younger than she is today. And yes, I bet you (author or the blog) had a terrible style as well once! So don’t tell us that Blake Lively is ugly. You sound so childish saying that she’s ugly because of the first picture. It was probably not meant to be taken. And so what if she have implants and had a nose operation? I think she looks better now, even though she looked pretty before! Jesus.

  5. Are you really using a picture of her trying to make a funny face as justification for claiming she is “ugly”? Really?

  6. first of all I think there must be a reason why they chose her to play Serena, the most beautiful girl you have ever seen, in Gossip Girl and second of all: yeah, maybe she is plain like a glass of water, I shouldn’t know, but she made it anyway so … get a life 🙂

  7. umm she IS really pretty. and yeah, i know you said your not jealous, which pretty much means you are. and if all you have to do in your spare time is trash other people (who ARE in fact pretty damn gorgous), then it probably means that no guy wants you, which means your ugly. surgery probably is beyond hope for you, too.

  8. Wow she has white eyeballs, how clever of you!

  9. ok, so i love gossip girl, i think it was best in its first season though. When i first read the books, i always imagined serena as AMAZINGLY gorg, and was VERY dissapointed when the show came on and blake was our serena. Visually, she is DEF not what we all read and imagined, she was a total dissapointment. she’s not even a good actress, i mean the character is really just a muddled version of blake’s personality, kind of goofy with a 3 year old laugh.

    Her fashion sense is ok, but its not her creating those looks its gg’s amazing damon who created looks for sex and the city. she’s so boring to look at really.

    blake has a great publicist and team so we will prob see her for some time because she does make good career choices, but she is far from special, and really more ordinary than anything else.

  10. her white eyeballs and teeth freaked you out?!
    jesus christ what the hell is wrong with your eyes and teeth?!?!
    what, do you have yellow eyes and black crooked teeth or something?

    you are seriously sad to post these things about someone.. especially when they’re not true.
    and if this was your attempt “humour”… you failed. badly.

  11. i think barbie gota boob job

  12. obviously she was goofing off in those pictures where she’s making weird faces… every one has done it before. it shows she has a sense of humor and isn’t trying to be perfect all the time. so way to put a foot in your mouth with that one. and it definitely doesn’t mean she isn’t an attractive girl. she may not be the most beautiful woman in the world, but she definitely is pretty, and obviously there are some jealousy issues involved when you say she’s ugly. anyone with perfectly functioning eyes can say that she’s attractive. so many celebrities have gotten plastic surgery, who really cares. why take the time out of your day to bash someone you don’t even know personally? this whole world is full of people hating themselves, and its because of people like you who make themselves feel better by trashing other people.

  13. I don’t know, it’s looks to me like she was pretty gorgeous in high school as well. Don’t hate, congratulate….

  14. Man you guys are crazy fans or something.
    But I agree, I was thinking the other day some episoides she looks beyond amazing and others she looks pretty but not that pretty. That’s my opinion; she has a nice smile but her nose does not fit it.

  15. hahHAHAHAHAHAHA xD awesome reading, you are such an idiot. and you should really work on your english xD “Hey calm down, it is just a post with a bit humor” – yeaaah cause you didn’t sound serious at all in your posts.

  16. I am actually really pretty…umm yeah I am, so I think I would know and I agree with you, Blake Lively looks like any ugly girl you see off the street. Plain, ugly, and not to mention the plastic surgery you talked about which absolutely DOES mean she was uglier before. Just to compare people with similar faces to hers, even on the Real Housewives shows you find prettier women than Blake- BUT they probably have the same plastic surgeron as her. People are just disagreeing with you because they are probably even uglier than she is and it makes them feel bad. Just being honest.

  17. Wow , you are dumb. Blake Lively is the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen. She’s gorgeous and you are so jealous. You WISH you looked like her.

    • That’s nonsense. not everygirl who says someone is ugly is jealous. I think she’s ugly. why would I be so jealous, I want to be ugly?
      Anyway, if anyone is worthy for my jealousy, is leighton.

  18. every one has different opinions I for one think she is seems to me that you’ re jealous why would you care if your not jealous if she has implants or bot ox etc. i don’t really care what people think about me so why should she .
    people who judge others are usually jealous.
    you on the other hand most feel threaten by her to make a hole website about it.
    go out side and have fun instead of judging others

  19. I masturbate to her, i want a blowjob from her

  20. Hey! Who really gives a flying FUCK about this shit?

    It’s more fun to ACTUALLY LIVE LIFE than sit around spending time thinking about celebrities. Give it a shot!

  21. Hey! Who really gives a flying F*CK about this sh*t?

    It’s more fun to ACTUALLY LIVE LIFE than sit around spending time thinking about celebrities. Give it a shot!

  22. People only criticize others because their jealous.
    If you cant say anything nice don’t say anything at all.
    Everyone goes through a “fashion stage” that isn’t exactly the most tasteful. But it happens to the best of us!
    Funny pictures are funny pictures…and its mean to use that first one as an example that she is ugly. Im sure everyone has a picture like that of them in their trashcan.
    Everyone is getting plastic surgery and it is because of people like you always putting them down. With the way everybody criticizes women its a wonder any of us has any self esteem left…
    So relax, lay off, and try to find something good in everyone.

  23. Wow. That’s what I say all the time!!
    I admit she have an incredible body and such, but her face … ohh the HERROR! she’s super ugly.:(
    Leighton meester on the other hand.. is just extremely pretty. *-*

  24. SERIOUSLY??!!! wow, very sad. she has not had any work done but im guessing you need some

  25. Hey, I am not one to typically add my opinion on these utterly, ridiculous forums but I had to voice myself on this particular one.

    First off, Blake Lively is a highly admired celebrity who is your typical girl next door. She is astonishingly gorgeous and is definatley far from ugly. With her blond beach waves, bright white smile and perfect figure, how can you even begin to critique?

    Not only is she a timeless beauty, but she is also definatley a celebrity people can actually admire. She is not out on the scene doing crack, nor is she shaving her head like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. She actually maintains a piece of self pride and doesn’t let fame go to her head.

    I think it is ridiculous that all of you guys are stating that she is nothing but ordinary when I bet half of you do not look as good as she does. Stop and think about what you are actually saying.

    Beauty comes in all different ways…it is not just by your image but also by your actions…

    Blake Lively is beautiful

  26. Ok well, I think personally she is very pretty. And actually I take offense to this because many people have said I sort of look like her and those VERY people and many more think I am absolutely gorgeous. So I think you should shut up 🙂

  27. haha yea she is so average, I mean most ‘average’ girls face’s is better looking than hers and that is not saying that much, good enough figure if she gained 10 pounds (since season 2-3 of gossip girl) she is basically average and i am guessing most average girls with that amount of hair and makeup attention plus a stylist would look much better than miss ‘LIVELY’.!

  28. The hoodie and wedges were her costume for The Town. The photos of her making funny faces clearly show she doesn’t take herself seriously. She is FAR from ugly. She’s actually a joy to work with. You may not be jealous, but you are clearly blind and have low self esteem. Why else would you use the internet to bring other people down.

  29. Blake is everyday attractive. Natalie Portman and Monica Bellucci are Beautiful!

  30. You sound very bitter love! Don’t say I’m jealous…. well you obviously are

  31. I don’t know if you were kidding off or not, regardless, I agree with everything! I never thought she was pretty at all, her face reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parkers–i.e. horse face. The funny thing is she’s sooo famous, yet I don’t know anyone in real life who thinks she’s hot. Aha, everyone I know (boys too!) thinks she looks like a man!

  32. I agree with you on the fact that she isn’t the most gorgeous girl in the world and i was expecting some extremely beautiful girl to play sarena but shes definately not ugly. She is a decent actress, shes kind, and not a total skank like alot of the celebrities in holywood. And besides looks arent everything….who cares if shes a plain jane she seems like an awesome person and you wish u were in her position in life don’t you?

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