Anthopologie, GirlyDreamy paradise

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travel theme

Anthropologie  is located at 880 market St, and it is the girly grown-up version of Urban Outfitters. The store is huge, the ceiling opens up and the back of the store is miles away. Anthropologie is not just another retail store,  it is a girly, dreamy paradise. Every time I walked into the store, I feel like venturing into an exotic land.  The decoration is magnificent, and I feel so pleased to just stroll around since  it smells so good. You can find the most flirty vintage-inspired skirts and one of a kind dresses you couldn’t find anywhere else. Home section is as large as the apparel. The store visual team did such a good job to create this dreamy bohemian set up that makes me feel like I could live there. The price is expensive for the quality but people are obsessed with Anthropologie. I am very fascinated to how influential the environment of the store is on people. No wonder visual team is the key element to drive the sales of Anthropologie. A lot of decoration is made of recycled products and is completely hand-made.


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