Norwegian fashion designer Anette Nyseth

Interview with the fashion designer Anette Nyseth

Location: Harputs Union store at 140 Geary St, San Francisco

Time: 12pm  Friday, 9th Oct 2009

Anette Nyseth

Anette Nyseth

I was very curious about this twenty something girl with blond hair who held a cocktail when I walked into Harputs Union store that just moved to  the new Union Square location for two days.

I decided to interview with her immediately when I got to know that she is a fashion design student from the Academy of Art and also works as a in-house designer for Harputs Union which is edgy, cool and industrial local Indie label.

V stands for Vivian

A stands for Anette

V: Where are you from?

A: I am from Norway and have lived in San Francisco for three years.

V: [Laugh] Your English is so good!

A: Thank you. I learned.

V: How did you decide to study at the AAU?

A: Well, I searched online and found out about this school and then decided to move here.

V: How do you think about the fashion scene  of San Francisco?

A: People in San Francisco are nice and the city is not as big and overwhelming as New York. It’s been great, but fashion here is not as good as it should be. The style of San Francisco is kind of bohemian, which is opposite to my style that is simplicity, minimalism.

V: How did you hear about Harputs Union, and how long have you been with them?

A: I just started two months ago, and I work both as a in-house designer and a sales associate.

I got to know Harputs Union after hearing about it from a friend of a friend. Last Summer, I interned at Alexander Wang’s company in New York. From there on, I got the chance to make a lot of new friends in the fashion industry, and that was a great experience. The brand is San Francisco based, and the design studio is located just below our store. We wanted to maintain a small boutique environment that kept a very local and independent look.

V: I was very surprised about the fluency of her English and how this young girl from Norway can quickly move up and  land such a great internship at the hottest designer Alexander Wang and know all the cool people in a short period of time…. She is pretty and cute, but she must be very smart and know how to talk, and definitely has to be talented.

how do u balance between school and work?

A: I always love to work, I worked twice a week in the store. I don’t think work and school has change too much, and they all share the same mind set.

V: What are your design inspiration, Who is your favorite designer?

A: Design is a thinking process. As a designer, it is important to think through a lot to make design functional as well as intelligent. Design for me is a new way to think. Hussein Chalayan is my favorite one. I also currently like the Danish designers and their styles.

V: Where did you find the fabrics, tell me about your fabric sourcing?

A: We source our fabrics allover the world.  The leather of men’s wear is from Italy. We also go to New York fabric show to shop fabrics. Quality is the key for Harputs Union.

V:How long Harputs Union has been established? How did the store transform from selling Adidas sneaker to avard gard designer brands? Did the transformation go smoothly?

A: We just changed the name from Harputs Own to Harputs Union. Harputs Own was established five years ago. The store only sold Adidas sneakers at the beginning and then Comme des Garcons called and asked us if we were interested in carrying its clothes as well, so the boss of that time traveled to Paris and bought the clothes from Comme de Garcons and some other avant garde designers such as Comme des Garcon and  Margiela.

Harputs Union 140 Geary St, San Francisco

Harputs Union 140 Geary St, San Francisco

Harputs Union shoes collection

Harputs Union shoes collection

V: Who wears Harputs Union? what’s your customer base?

A: For everyone, we got older customers and younger customers.

V: How did you decide to move from  Fillmore street to Union Square?

A: We want to look for new market and customers. Harputs Adidas business still stays in Fillmore street location. Fillmore district is more local, but Union Square can reach more customers.

V:What’s your best seller? Is it measure to make or one size fits all?

A:Swacket is our best seller and our trademark. We are very customer oriented, if the clothes doesn’t fit the customer, we tailored and customized it without any extra charge. Beside clothes, we also carry accessories, vintage sunglasses, customized belts, handbags and shoes to meet the need of variety of customers.

Me in the store, wearing swacket

Me in the store, modeling the best seller "swacket"

Nothing inspires me like …. creative people

When you were 17, you dreamed of being….be able to do whatever I wanted

Culture influences…travel, art, people. knowledge

Creativity comes from…your passion and people around, to collaborate

Love is…great, my family, friends, passion, working together

My future is amazing

My goals… to do everything I am inspired by

I get bored easily…by routine

Money makes…..from success and passion

Your friends think me….. talented, kind and loving

Biggest regret….I have none, never look badly.


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  1. Good interview. I would try to make it a little more interesting and less plain. Also, you might want to organize your Q’s and A’s in a cleaner format. Bold face your question and leave the answer plain. In terms of formatting, use the “more” function in the blog for a post as long as this. Other than that, you have some good content on your blog and you are on the right track. B+

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