A few things that interest me

Rad Hourani transmformations

Rad Hourani transmformations, photo courtesy of http://www.refinery29.com

One piece does all, under economic recession, it takes longer for us to invest our money on clothes, and we all look for the perfect one that can be versatile and functional. French designer Rad Hourani‘s new collection are so transformative that  take us from summer to winter, all year long. One jacket can turn to be six looks. The straight silhouette is unisex and black never makes you out of date.

Rad Hourani transmformations, photo courtesy of www.refinery29.com

Rad Hourani transmformations, photo courtesy of http://www.refinery29.com

Remember that I met Angela Gao at Patti’s class when she just started her own line. At that time, the only employer of Angela Gao was herself. She was responsible of everything including design, produce and market. At the age of 23, she already acted like a real businesswoman, fling back and forward between New York and Shanghai where she manufactures all her collection.  A year later when I met her again in New York last month, her label AnGG was fully established and sold all over the country, now you can find AnGG not only in New York and also in San Francisco and Seattle. Shop  at AnGG at www.revolveclothing.com

You love ’em or you hate ’em, but fact is, a red lip is always in. Get The Perfect Red Lip Look

Free concert, sounds like a good offer. I usually don’t trust anything free, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival changed my mind, however I still felt sick when I thought about the public restrooms there.

I wish I were in New York so I can shop at Topshop for 20% off by showing my student ID.

anxious face, photography courtesy of www.nytime.com

anxious face, photography courtesy of http://www.nytime.com

Does anyone feel anxious and worried ? I hope I am not the only one, and I admitted that sometime I have a sense of insecurity and worry too much. I asked myself like “What I am going to do after graduation, if I couldn’t find a job, how am I able to pay back the student load? ” This article posted on NYTimes really answer some of my questions about the anxiousness of human being.

Susie Bubble called shoes porn London S/S 10 Shoe Fest. I love the crazy shoes even though most of them are highly unwearable, yet seriously consider the mid-wedged ones that can give me a few more inches.


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  1. You had some great information in here. It was a good mix of news that interested you. A couple of things: proofread your posts so that they are readable and polished – particularly with grammar and sentence structure. There were a few minor things, but just make sure to proofread. Also, when linking, make your sentences concise and clear. A link post is supposed to be bits of info: you write a sentence about some timely news and link it to a blog source and let them tell the story. C (I had to grade you down for turning it in late)

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