Why I love fashion


Why I love fashion? it is the easiest and hardest question in the world. The answer seems like pretty obvious yet hard to explain in a few sentences. First of all, I am a girl and I believe female species tend to love fashion more than males in general, therefore technically I’ve fell in love with fashion when I were born. My mom told me that when I was about five years old, I started to pay attention to my own appearance, she said that I loved to look at the mirror and play “dress up” and constantly practice posing in front of the mirror. I remembered I was always the most outstanding kid in the kindergarten since my aunt often bought fashionable and colorful clothes from Japan at that time.


When I was old enough to understand fashion magazines, I began to subscribe to the fashion magazines  most of which were from Japan, since China’s fashion was pretty much influenced by Japan fashion at the beginning. I analyzed  how the girls on the magazines wear and found the closest styles at the street and mixed and match by myself in the period of time.


When I moved to New York City, my eyes were completely opened. The word “fashion” was redefined and I totally obsessed with New York downtown chic, uptown elegant street style. I feel that fashion is an attitude and a lifestyle and different culture reflects to different fashion. Asian style is very detail oriented yet western style focuses on cut and structure. Fashion is also closely associated with pop culture, society structure and so on. As I get to know more about American urban culture, I understand American fashion and  fall in love with it more. I think that fashion has no country boundary and after all is a creative form and a type of art.



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